Attract Your Target Audience, Build Authority, and Sell through Well-Written Irresistible Content

You know content writing is one of the most profitable ways to get new clients coming to you (instead of you having to chase them).

But let's be honest, writing content that drives organic traffic and makes sales can be tough if you don't have the time to write, know how to do it, or know where to start.

What's worse, you spin your wheels writing content that doesn’t do anything for your business. Your potential clients skim over your business and zoom past to your competitor.

Here's another shocker...

Believe it or not, scientists say that people's attention span is shorter than a notoriously ill-focused goldfish, which is nine seconds. People lose focus after 8 seconds

Fortunately, with readers changing, content writing has changed too. With the right content, you will break through the noise and attract paying clients and build an audience that trusts you. Then, you can offer products or services that will genuinely help your audience... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Writing good content isn't about fancy words. It isn't about you either, it's about giving your potential customers the answers to their burning questions. It's about potential clients finding your content through search and in return boosting your ROI.

What's more, whether you are a new startup struggling to get clients or an established brand that wants to increase its customers and make more money, you need content that does just that.

so, do you want to invest in content that gets you organic traffic, and make you sales?

Who am I to ask that?

Hi There! 

I'm Ann Davis, a certified content writer.  I write short and long. SEO driven posts that helps you attract organic audience, build authority, and sell through well-written compelling content. 

 I cover a variety of topics,  personal finance, productivity & B2B, among others.

 I can help you move your business towards your end goals faster through web content that's well researched, which increases your visibility in google search, generates tons of subscribers, turns them into buyers and builds your authority quickly.

What else?

I wrote a post that got hundreds of subscribers within a few hours

Want Some more proof i'm up to task?

I’ve published viral posts attracting thousands upon thousands of shares in well known, less known and unknown online publications like HuffPost, Tiny Buddha, Addicted2sSuccess, Live Purposefully Now, Pick The Brain, Thrive Global...and much more. I’ve published content that's so compelling clients reach out to me to write for them. 

And Final proof

I'm a certified content marketer through Jon Morrow's  prestigious school, Smart Blogger


You can view a sample of my work here

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