Want To Build An Audience And Increase Leads With Compelling Content?

 -Break Through The Noise and Attract Potential Clients Through well-Researched Posts

Hi, I'm Ann.

I'm a certified Content Marketer & a Guest Blogger. I help Start-ups and Pro businesses attract customers through writing short and long-form blog posts. I specialize in personal finance, productivity & health

Here's How We Work Together 


Step 1 - Briefing

You will fill me in on your goals for the post. This meeting is crucial to get started. We want to start on the same page…

Why do you want the post? These are the questions that we go through


Step 2 - Content Brief

You create a content brief or I create one if you don't have time. Why a content brief? This is what I'll base the post on.

And since you know your audience, you give me targeted keywords, the names of the influencers you want mentioned in the post for future outreach and much more... you can get a FREE content brief template here [PDF]


Step 3 - Organization 

Once you're ready with the content brief, I'll go through it and add recommendations if needed. If you give it thumbs up, I'll move on to step #4. 


Step 4 - Research & Writing

I'll start researching and outlining the post based on the content brief.  And you? Continue running your business until we meet in the agreed time.


Step 5 - First Draft

Boom, the first draft is complete. So, what? I'll send it to you and you’ll let me know what you think, no holding back because I'll edit based on your comments. 


Step 6 - The End

Post completed. I will send you the invoice. You pay me, and you get the final draft. Great!

Here’s how I can help you:

  1. 1
     I'll help you increase visibility in Google search (more traffic for you!)
  2. 2
     I write targeted content that brings you qualified leads
  3. 3
     I write content that moves your potential customers through the buyer's journey
  4. 4
     I research your audience persona and write content that keeps them engaged
  5. 5
     Before I start writing, I conduct thorough research on a topic until it's completely understood, so I deliver value to your audience.
  6. 6
     I can shift between different topics with ease.
  7. 7
     I use simple and clear language in my writing, which keeps your audience reading until the end.
  8. 8
     My content will bring you your target audience so that you can convert them into paying clients

What Do I have to show?

I wrote a post that got hundreds of subscribers within a few hours. 

Want to see some of my previous work?

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